Introducing Blizzard Cash — An Innovative Yield-Capable Anonymous Digital Transactions Protocol

In 2020, Tornado Cash was launched and enhanced the anonymity element of Blockchain, which has been rather forsaken by many mainstream crypto projects. Today we are delighted to introduce Blizzard Cash, a new protocol for Yield-Capable Anonymous Digital Transactions. The emergence protocol did not only combine the top features from Tornado Cash and Typhoon Cash, but also further strengthened the anonymity of crypto transactions.


The main improvement we are focusing on is in the Anonymity mechanism, in which the team built an aggregated pool as a mid-layer to reduce the Ethereum transaction fee plus strengthen the anonymity. Specifically, the cross USD (xUSD) token will be used to convert assets for staking and withdrawing. Said process requires a MEMO note and a destination address. We are confident this innovative mechanism will not only bring true anonymity to stable assets, but also the assets such as ETH, BTC, etc.

Note: To maximize the anonymous feature, users are recommended to wait some times before withdrawing assets to the desired address.


- 20% (5,000 BLIZZ) will be distributed to users who participate in Blizzard DAO.

- 1 BLIZZ — Initial liquidity on UNISWAP for BLIZZ/xUSD pair.

- 80% (20,000 BLIZZ) will be distributed as reward pool for assets staking (DAI, USDT, USDC, BUSD, ETH) and Liquidity mining (BLIZZ/xUSD pair LP).

Reward Pool distribution

Instead of having 30–40 reward pools, with our innovative design, we will have 4 main deposited notes/pools: 1k, 10k, 50k, 100k. The first 2 notes will be available at launch, while the latter two will be made available after 12 hours from launch. This design allows a much simpler UI and operation.

Each reward pool contains 3,600 BLIZZ for distribution over 3 months (~42.8 BLIZZ/ day).

Initial APY:

- 1k note: 5000%

- 10k note: 1000%

- 50k note: 500%

- 100k note: 250%

ETH asset

ETH pool will be integrated at launch as a non-stable asset, which contains 3 different notes and 2,000 BLIZZ for distribution over 3 months (~23,8 BLIZZ/ day)

Initial APY:

- 1 ETH: 800%

- 10 ETH: 200%

- 100 ETH: 50%

LP Pool distribution

More importantly, there will be no pre-mined tokens, no team’s holding, no VCs, no Advisors. All reward will be distributed in liquidity mining based on first come first serve basic.

Initial APY: 2000%

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An Innovative Yield-Capable Anonymous Digital Transactions Protocol.